History of Banjar

Banjar (pronounced Banjaar) is a town in Kullu district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Banjar is one of the six tehsils of Kullu district. Culturally, it is a part of the Seraj region that extends from Jalori pass to Shikari Devi in Janjehli. A dialect of Kullavi called Seraji is spoken in the region and the natives are also called Serajis. The tourist attractions of Tirthan valley and Jibhi are a part of the Banjar region with Banjar town being the main marketplace in Tirthan Valley.

River Tirthan flows through Banjar along with the tributary Pushpabhadra flowing through the tourist town of Jibhi. The town of Banjar is located at the confluence of these two rivers. 'Banjar mela ' is the prominent festival of the region which is celebrated each year in the month of May.